BTC1UP is an opportunity that allows you to earn income via Bitcoin or Paypal.

The starter Level Cost is a one-time $50 Plus a one-time $25 Activation Fee.

For that you get the BTC1UP system which allows you to:

Make $50 per refer with Pass ups

Lead Capture and Video Sales Pages

Import Own System

10 Link Online Opportunity Rotator

Amazing Comp plan

Auto Responder

Ability to setup payment processing with Bitcoin and Paypal.

There are also optional upgrades available that you can earn commissions on as well.

* The first sale goes to you.

* Only pass up your second sale, everything after that is all yours… Boom ! $$$

*** Special Benefit going on right now! ***

Every BTC 1 Up member gets placed in the home page rotator until they have their first 2 sales, but you will only be in the rotator on days you login.  We want to help people that are committed to also helping theirself and sharing BTC 1 Up with others.  Traffic will only flow to the home page if members are actively spreading the word about BTC 1 Up.

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Start Option

WTF is StartOptions ? ! ?

Well, allegedly it is a passive income opp. Right now it is paying MASSIVELY. So get in or stay on the sidelines. As with anything of this nature, you have to do your own due diligence and make your own decision based on your risk tolerance. Check out my videos at the below links(s) and contact with me any questiions.

I went in with $1000.

Goal 1) let is ride to $3000 and pull out $1500 and then continue to let  it ride. After pulling out my initial investment one it gets to $12,000 pull out $2,000. Then maybe start doing some kind of 80/20 invest/withdrawl plan.

Either way, Contact me and lets chat.


Check it Out Here.







Bitcoin Wealth Club

Update: 01-05-18.  The Primary recommended business of Bitcoin Wealth Club (BWC) up to 01-05-2018, was USI-Tech and Bitconnect. Those two “opportunities” appear to be on the dangerous side from a potential ponzi scam.

I believe BWC will start focusing on other Bitcoin related opportunities. Will continue to monitor.

Disclaimer: I am a Free member of Bitcoin Wealth Club, if you join through my link, I may earn a some type of commission or referral incentive.

Link:  Bitcoin Wealth Club